Powerful Design for Efficient Projects

From your project’s very first concept, our sophisticated design process ensures the journey to completion is swift and smooth.

The combination of our highly experienced engineering team with the very latest technology provides a streamlined design service.  This puts you in control and enables installations to take place without hassle or inconvenience.

With a decade of expertise and experience in detail & reverse engineering, Emes is renowned as one of the most reliable providers in the industry today. Emes provides Detail Engineering Services, conforming to global standards such as ISO, ASME, and DIN while considering production requirements and customers’ production facilities. The techniques used for 2D to 3D conversions can transform your 2D images into accurate 3D models, providing easy visualization and helping in faster project completion.

The offered reverse engineering services are highly appreciated by Emes’s esteemed clients across construction sectors due to their timely execution and high reliability. Emes engineering team acts as a strategic offshore partner that enables division of work such that the client’s internal team can focus on its core competence, while Emes can provide all the required allied support. Emes also provides value engineering, reverse engineering, re-engineering, and data migration services to clients.