Precision Pricing

Estimates should not be a guessing game. That is why we attach great importance to the work of our estimating engineers. They are equipped with the most sophisticated software to ensure our prices are not only accurate for the job but represent the very best value for money.

Emes value engineering service serves clients, enabling them to take their products to market faster, and supporting them with ongoing quality assurance and manufacturing support services.

Apart from the core engineering design services, Emes also offers Clients a host of value-added services, that enable clients to leverage Emes as a one-stop shop for many of their engineering and manufacturing-related requirements.

The engineering support services include prototyping, manufacturing support, testing coordination, manufacturing quality assurance, and other such services, which ease out the process of initiating and sustaining mass manufacturing.

Emes stands for quality and we are confident you will not find a company providing the same level of work at more competitive rates.  We also ensure you can budget accurately by providing swift and comprehensively calculated costs, including fixed prices.


Providing excellence through innovative design and accurate cost estimation