Scale: 700sqm     
Scope: Full Mepf Design & Build Services    
Sector: Office    
Construction period: 2 Months    
Year: 2022    

IBM is a manufacturer and seller of computer hardware, software, infrastructure, server services, and consulting in many fields from mainframes to nanotechnology.

Emes came up with ideas and collaborated with 3D Interior Design to create a design that meets IBM's requirements and complies with green standards, ensuring human health and energy efficiency. During the construction process, Emes also used a high safety target construction process and coordinated project departments to speed up and deliver the project on time to get IBM's office up and running quickly and effectively.

However, Emes faced strict demands from the client, requiring the project to be completed within 2 months, despite some special equipment needing to be imported within 4 months. To ensure the project was completed on time, Emes proposed the best options including renting equipment for temporary use and transporting new equipment by air to ensure the IT room operated well and reduce the time of goods transportation. All of Emes' efforts helped IBM complete the project quickly and effectively, bringing satisfaction to the client.