Scale: 2,800sqm   
Scope: Full Mep Build Services  
Sector: Product ware house  
Construction period: 2 Months  
Year: 2019  


Kansai Paint is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of manufacturing and trading of paint. The company specializes in producing high-quality paints that meet various customer needs in different areas such as automotive paint, industrial paint, architectural paint, decorative paint, and food packaging paint.

Kansai Paint assigned Emes contractor to design and construct a dynamic electrical system and lighting system for their warehouse. Emes provided an intelligent design solution based on their experience with storage, production, research, and development areas, optimizing costs and increasing production efficiency. Specifically, Emes proposed an energy-efficient lighting solution with extended lifespan, reducing environmental impact and long-term operational costs.

Additionally, Emes selected appropriate production operation times to maximize productivity and minimize maintenance time. They also coordinated between systems and improved construction issues within the warehouse to complete the project and hand it over before the deadline, meeting the needs and requirements of Kansai Paint.